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Community Based Instruction
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Coordination of Community Based Instruction
Coordination of Community Based Instruction

This communication will provide you with the background information regarding the changes to Community Based Instruction practices and procedures. The changes to the current practice of Community Based Instruction were rooted in recommendations from a Transition Task Force that was commissioned by Dr. Bernadia Johnson in 2014. The Task Force focused on improvements of secondary transition curriculum, instruction and overall access to community and supports for students with disabilities. Our secondary team, led by Marty Amundson, has been working with teams, across high schools, on these areas.

In April of 2017, The Special Education Department created updated guidelines for Community Based Instruction (CBI) to expand career exploration, the range of work based learning activities, and inclusive practices within the school community for the 2017-18 school year. The updated guidelines align educational services with federal and state law as well as department strategic plans. This was a shift for middle and high schools teams who traditionally used Community Based Instruction trips for paper routes and swimming outings, for example.

Directors and district program facilitators worked with special education teachers in buildings to explain the guidelines, provide examples of Community Based Instruction and work based learning outings. The creation of a 3-year master plan for Community Based Instruction, career exploration activities and events was a part of the process.

Additional documents, listed on the right hand menu, are also included for more background information.

We have shared with schools the importance of working together to create several career exploration events happening at once that students select to attend or that students could sign up for the work based learning activity based on career interests, aptitude and exploration. Working jointly as a school site to plan and share ideas, activities, and unit lesson/design may also allow for the work to be shared among several staff. It is less daunting for each teacher when teams and departments create the plans together—this also allows for a variety of events and activities to be offered.