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Cutting a Path to Success - Jan. 6, 2015
Tuesday, January 06, 2015 9:20 AM

Well in this case, cutting a path to using one’s communication device and having a desk like everyone else! The device pictured here is known as an “augmentative communication system” and is used by a young student who cannot speak.  Pressing the picture squares on the computer-like touch sensitive screen results in spoken output and independent communication. But they need to position their power wheelchair independently at their desk, and the mounting arm limited the ability to do so.  ATC made the desk, so they can also cut a slot for the arm to pass into when rolling up to the desk. Often a simple, common sense approach is the easiest. But even such a simple solution escapes most students like the one pictured here. Why? Because only Minneapolis Public Schools and St Paul Public Schools have staff, programs, and facilities to do this. Both districts have Assistive Technology departments that have provided custom fabrications for students for over 30 years.