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Minneapolis Community Transition Interagency Committee (MCTIC)
Minneapolis Community Transition Interagency Committee (MCTIC)

Minneapolis Community Transition Interagency Committee facilitates the network of agencies to provide improved transition services to young adults with disabilities. The committee works to identify barriers, promote community integration, foster self-sufficiency and participation, and provide information on resources available in the community. 

To help transition- age young people with disabilities develop life-long self-advocacy and life skills to reach their goals within the community setting.

The primary purpose of the MCTIC is to facilitate the development of programs and services in Minneapolis that assist youth, ages 14-21 in their transition to adulthood.

A secondary purpose is the development and implementation of systems and events which distribute timely transition resource information to youth and their families.


  1. Identify current services, programs, and funding within the community for secondary and postsecondary aged youth with disabilities.
  2. Develop multiagency teams to address present and future transition needs of students on their individual education plans.
  3. Develop a community plan to include mission, goals and objectives, and an implementation plan to assure that transition needs of individuals with disabilities are met.
  4. Recommend changes or improvements in the community system of transition services.
  5. Exchange agency information including, data, effectiveness studies, special projects, exemplary programs and creative funding of programs.
  6. Prepare a yearly summary assessing the progress of transition services in the community.