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SEAC Member Application
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Online SEAC Membership Application
Online SEAC Membership Application

To be a voting member, you must either be a student age 14 or older, who receives special education services from MPS, or the parent/guardian of a student in public or private school, who currently receives special education services from MPS.  Before becoming a voting member we ask that you attend at least one SEAC meeting.

Todays Date
Your Name
Your Phone Contact Info
Your Email
Your Home Mailing Address
Child(ren's) Name and School
Your Child's Disability Area(s)
Your Childs Race/Ethnicity
Have you ever served on an Advisory or other committee?

Please describe what you learned from serving on an Advisory or Committee
What are some great ideas or practices being used in MPS, regular or special education?
If you could improve something about your child's experience in MPS, what would it be?
Topics I would like to see on the SEAC agenda for study or input
Some of the reasons I want to participate on SEAC are:
I can attend monthly meetings, 6:30-8:00 p.m. (Currently on the first Thursday of the Month)

I need an interpreter in order to participate

Currently no on site child care is provided. We are interested if this is a barrier for parents. Please indicate whether you require on site child care in order to participate in SEAC meetings: