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Special Keyboards for Special Needs Just Got Better - Jan. 27, 2015
Tuesday, January 27, 2015 10:45 AM


Special keyboards for special needs just got better! For those students who lack the fine motor control to use a regular computer keyboard but still have to produce written work, the commercially available IntelliKeys pictured below is the answer. But sometimes even the larger key surfaces are difficult to accurately touch, so a keyguard is used. The IntelliKeys vendor sells the clear Plexiglas keyguards for $50 each, but they are made at the Assistive Technology Center for about $5 each. They can be custom cut as well to only allow the student to access the letters in their name so they can learn to spell their name correctly using a computer. There are also a wide variety of keyboard overlays available depending on what the student has to enter via the keyboard. The blue IntelliKeys below has a clear Plexiglas keyguard on it.