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Upstream Arts
Upstream Arts

Upstream Arts and Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) share a belief that infusing arts strategies into education can transform teaching and learning for all diverse learners—seeing the arts as a framework toward a future where all individuals, regardless of ability, will be engaged, connected, and included in all aspects of our society.

Upstream Arts advances the MPS District’s vision and goals by:

  • Honoring, making space for, and nurturing the voices and expressions of students with disabilities.
  • Providing different avenues to learning for all diverse learners, including those not responding to traditional methods.
  • Equipping students that have been socially isolated with social/emotional skills—like self awareness, and the ability to connect and collaborate—that empower them to meaningfully contribute to and engage in their communities.
  • Undermining societal stigma, increasing the visibility of students receiving Special Education services in the district, and collaborating with students to create new positive narratives about disability for themselves, teachers, staff, families, and the broader community alike.